Changing Rural Lives (Innovative India Rises, 2008)

Palanivel speaks with pride about how his land is good for cultivating just about any crop-paddy, turmeric, groundnut.  But as the availability of water kept falling, Palanivel had to first abandon agriculture and then, poultry farming, and become a dairy farmer instead.  In the midst of this difficult situation, Palanivel chanced upon the JS Milker.  The JS Milker is a manual milking device... 

Changing Rural Lives chapter

Talking Trash: Increasing Waste Diversion in Toronto (GreenTOpia, 2007)

You're naked, dripping water all over the bathroom.  You're paralyzed with indecision.  'Can I recycle this empty shampoo bottle?' you ask yourself.  Where do you go for the answer?

Talking Trash chapter

American Feminism: Moving Towards a Movement (The Concord Review, 1999)

...for those women who have an interest in and need for feminism in their lives, the women's movement in America has, throughout its extensive history, made continuous attempts to overcome barriers, be they prejudice or ignorance, to include any and all women within the movement.